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Prior to founding Working Planet, Vida and I worked at a number of companies where we learned things we wanted to replicate and things we wanted to avoid in our own company. When we launched Working Planet seventeen years ago, we knew one thing we would do is build a company based on fairness. A company […]

5 Things Data-Driven Marketers Need to be Doing Right Now

verticals. What we see is that every company is in their own unique situation. Some companies have massive increases in demand, while others are shut down completely for the short term. If your business is not shut down completely, then for the data-driven marketers among you, this is your time! You can help protect and […]

Why We’re Working From Home for 60 days

Today, March 13th 2020, Working Planet initiated a 60-day mandatory work from home policy. We think this is the right response for companies capable of managing it. Here’s why. The data so far on the SARS-CoV-2 virus is that that it spreads easily and without any symptoms necessary shown a carrier. Containment of a virus […]