Case Study: Effects of Seasonality and Brand Traffic on Campaign Performance

Client: Non-profit organization relying on monetary donations to fund core programs

Overview: Our client is a non-profit organization that relies on monetary donations to fund their mission. Their success is built on cost-effectively acquiring donations through in-kind, dollar, and airline mile donations programs via online and offline channels.  In analyzing their historical data and in advising on better tracking of donor activity, we found that there were substantial areas for increased efficiency in new donor acquisition through their paid online marketing programs.  In particular, a better understanding of non-brand keyword behavior and how to better understand the value of their strong and established brand as it relates to new donor acquisition led to dramatic breakthroughs in marketing efficiency.

Results:  The understanding of seasonality and differing donor behavior and donor value by segment has allowed us to dramatically increase the efficiency in acquiring new donors, and to best budget and execute to take advantage of highly seasonal trends.  These insights combined with efficient execution of the digital campaigns will yield significantly stronger results both during and outside their seasonally strong peak season and will allow them to more comfortably extend their digital programs into new areas.