Audience Segmentation Test

Client: B2B retailer selling bedding encasements
Business Need: To add credibility and clarity to the page goal.
Solution: Split test the homepage, calling out the form and adding context to the page images and content.
Hypothesis: While the original page has a form the intention was not clear for the visitor. The large content block below the hero area contains information but wasn’t quickly digestible for the visitor. This content could be reformatted with a comparison matrix or product options and broken out supporting content to make the page intent clearer for the visitor to increase qualified leads.

Overview of site elements: The header and footer changes from the winning page in the homepage test were applied to the variant of this A/B test.

The hero image and content were changed to provide a visual guide directing the visitor to a desired call to action. Within the hero image, a new header and subheader provided more information for the visitor, making the page intention clear.
The form was changed, breaking the boarder of the hero image, to stand out from the hero image and capture the visitor’s attention.
In the original page, a level of credibility was missing. To help, customer logos were added below the hero image.
The original content reviewed the product levels of the brand in a paragraph format, forcing the visitor to read all content to make a decision. For the product levels to be easily digestible, a matrix was used to compare the product levels. Highlights for all products were added next to the matrix, allowing the visitor to skim the page quickly.

Results: After running the A/B test for 14 weeks, the commercial conversion rate increased 57%.

Original Variant


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