Homepage Test

Client: B2B retailer selling bedding encasements
Business Need: To clarify the separate paths for commercial buyers and homeowners.
Solution: Split test the homepage, calling out a form for commercial buyers and the button for the homeowners micro site.
Hypothesis: By adding a form to the page, quality commercial leads would increase, reducing home or commercial inquiries coming in through the wrong button.

Overview of site elements: Site visitors needed to contact sales. To help site visitors contact sales we added a commercial inquiry form and added supporting text to the sales number in the blue bar above the navigation. These elements provides the visitor with two ways to contact sales if there are questions.

The original hero section didn’t provide much information to the visitor and the “Buy for Home”, “Commercial Buyers” and “Request a Quote” buttons ran together making it confusing to know where the visitor was to click.
The hero image and content were edited to be more informative by including a sub header and bulleted information about the products.
Also within the hero image other elements such as a form for commercial inquiries and a button to direct those interested in buying for home we added to help page visitors find what they are looking for.
The hero image was changed to provide additional context of the product and uses a directional que to guide the visitor to a desired call to action.
The original page was long and spacious, without a lot of context for the product features or brand value. To move things higher on the page and bring more attention to the product features and brand we reduced the size of the customer logos and added bulleted information about the product. Customer logos added a certain level of brand value, to emphasize the value for the visitor; we included the testing information for the products. Overall the product information was restructured and clarified to help the visitor act more quickly on the page.

Results: After running the A/B test for 9 weeks, the overall conversion rate increased by 109%, commercial conversion rate increased 261%.

Original                                                                                               Variant


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