Product Page Test

Client: e-commerce retailer selling AEDs and accessories
Business Need: To provide additional information on accessories in an easy to parse format to increase conversion.
Solution: Split test the homepage, calling out high level details for the accessory.
Hypothesis: By emphasizing the product details, highlighting brand trust and organizing the product information within the page, we hypothesized the customer will parse the product information more quickly to make a purchase.

Overview of site elements: Multiple changes were made to the page to help the customer find product information more quickly.

High-level bulleted information was added near the Buy Now button, removing the tabs for content which was originally below the fold.
Along with product information, we wanted the customer to understand where they were in the site. We clarified the breadcrumb navigation by starting with the category, followed by brand, then the specific product.
We also highlighted the “Frequently Purchased Together” products near the high level product information, making it easier for the customer to review all product options and encouraging the customer to purchase all items needed for their AED in one stop.
Making sure the customers are aware of the benefits of purchasing through this site is important to conversion. To encourage the purchase, the 30 Day Money Back guarantee and Free Shipping icons were moved to below the main product image to ensure the benefits are seen within the page. Free Shipping is was reiterated under the price for the product, making it clear to the customer there are no surprise costs once you add an item to your cart.

Results: This test ran for 15 weeks, with an 18.90% increase in conversion rate in favor of the variation page.

Original                                                                                          Variant


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