Test Iterations for SAS Client

Client: B2B selling maintenance operations software
Business Need: To increase the quality of a business lead.
Solution: Split test the homepage, providing more information for the visitor.
Hypothesis: Visitors are seeking additional information about the product.

Overview of site elements: This particular page went through 3 iterations of split testing. In the first round of split testing, large changes were made on the page. Following tests were smaller changes to fine tune the visitor’s needs.

The largest change was the addition of the top level navigation to provide page visitors with the option of more information about the product.
The background image was changed to an image of the product in use to give the visitor an idea of how the product can fit their needs. The bulleted text in the hero image was also revised to provide visitors with additional information on the product.
To add credibility to the page more customer logos were added, as well as information about the 2,500 + customers. In this A/B test, the changes resulted in the original winning.

Original                                                                                               Variant

We knew the information was important to the visitor, but the first iteration showed us it was too much information. In the second iteration of A/B testing we chose to test smaller changes to the control page.

Still with the intention of providing enough information a product/brand support, the customer logos and 2,500+ customer sections were revised to be easier to read on the page.
To drive visual emphasis to the form we changed the button color to green, which was a more contrasting color within the page.
The testimonial font sized was increased to help the visitor find it more easily, emphasizing credibility from the customer logos.
Lastly, the largest change was the floating footer with buttons; it gave the visitor another way to submit an inquiry. This test ran for 7 weeks with a 31% improvement in conversion rate in favor of the variant page.



In the third round of A/B testing we tested smaller changes to the variant. We wanted to focus on the needs of the visitor and target information most important to them.

The changes included information about the financing and benefit program. In doing so we saw a 28% improvement to conversion rates.

Results: Test 1: ran for 6 weeks with a 23% decrease in conversion rate in favor of the control page.

Test 2: ran for 7 weeks with a 31% improvement in conversion rate in favor of the variant page.

Test 3: ran for 6 weeks with a 28.28% improvement in conversion rate in favor of the variant page.



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